Dating with a Disability — Yes, it’s possible!

Dating with a Disability – Yes, it’s possible! “Oh, shut it down when the time comesOh, pull out the big gunsOh, and put your freakum dress on” Lines from a throwback Bey song blare, because you know, my fave singer sparks unstoppable confidence. I always strive to find something that shows my personality – somethingContinue reading “Dating with a Disability — Yes, it’s possible!”

Keisha’s Guide to Beyoncé Pick-Me-Ups by Keisha Greaves

Keisha’s Guide to Beyoncé Pick-Me-Ups After my diagnosis in graduate school, it took a little while for me to come back into myself. I’d been a quarter of the way through my life when I started getting strange symptoms and discomfort. When the doctors first shared, I experienced a myriad of emotions. I was filled with questions – lots of ‘what ifs?’Continue reading “Keisha’s Guide to Beyoncé Pick-Me-Ups by Keisha Greaves”

An Open Letter To Myself For 2020

Dear Keisha, Here we are in 2020! Yay! In the last year, you learned so many lessons. You gathered so many stories. Had the opportunity to participate in so many features. You did the thing and are continuing to make a name for you and your brand, Girls Chronically Rock! Going forward, I want you to alwaysContinue reading “An Open Letter To Myself For 2020”

Adaptive Fashion is the New Couture

Alexa, Siri, voice-activated apps, phones, and even TVs have been a great convenience throughout my journey with a chronic illness. Having the ability to turn off the light without risking a fall or calling for help when no one around had tremendously changed the level of independence I am able to enjoy. However, one ofContinue reading “Adaptive Fashion is the New Couture”

The Birth of Girls Chronically Rock (What exactly is MD?) by Keisha Greaves

Girls Chronically Rock was birthed out of the need for community after I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy a few years back. A rare diagnosis, only affecting about 50,000 Americans, I realized many people don’t quite know what MD is. Before my life had to make room for it, I didn’t know what is wasContinue reading “The Birth of Girls Chronically Rock (What exactly is MD?) by Keisha Greaves”